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Problem of color difference in custom non-woven bags

Time:2020/3/24Author:adminClick: 1118
Do you know the precautions for color difference of non-woven bags? The following is the description of the Meili sachet packaging manufacturers. Now there are more and more people using non-woven bags, and more and more manufacturers are making non-woven fabrics. Customers who order non-woven fabrics often encounter such problems. , That is, the color of the non-woven fabric does not reach the color you want, or when you find this one today and find another one, the color changes again, even if you do the same color in one family, every time It ’s the same every time. What ’s going on?
       Non-woven fabric customization is an instant product, which means that whatever color you have in your hand is whatever color you choose, and the choice of fabric color is based on the fixed color number of the fabric factory, because many are below 100,000. Of small order customers, can not get uniform color goods.

       Carefully speaking, there are more than ten commonly used fabric colors for non-woven fabrics. Based on the ten types, each fabric will have four commonly used weights of 70 grams, 80 grams, 90 grams, and 100 grams. To make inventory of these ten kinds of cloth with four grams, then forty kinds, one kind of cloth is half a ton, that is 20 tons of cloth, one ton is 15,000 yuan, that is 300,000 yuan of inventory, The 300,000 won't be used up within a fixed week or month. Many of them need to be cycled for half a year or a week. Perhaps this colored cloth needs to be put out for a year, and some colors must be constantly replenished. This will result in the 300,000 yuan that has always been pressed. In addition, the current price of raw materials is fast, so the danger is considerable. Since the non-woven fabric has been placed for too long, it will oxidize and throw away. Part of the loss. Therefore, the current manufacturers do not do inventory cloth, that is, what the customer orders, as long as the cloth factory has it, it will be shipped immediately. This reduces the danger and accelerates the reversal of working capital, but the problem is that the color of the cloth is one at a time. In this way, customers cannot get products of the same color.