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What are the characteristics of non-woven bag printing?

Time:2019/11/5Author:adminClick: 1040
First of all, this type of printing is not subject to the control of size and shape. Generally, the printing is printed on the surface of a non-woven bag. Even if it is made in the form of silk screen, although the cost is relatively higher than the machine printing, his requirements for the plane of the non-woven bag are not so strict. Generally, many advertisements and the like use this one. Printing is more elaborate. The color is also relatively uniform. The type of non-woven bag is very soft. This method of silk screen printing is very flexible. Generally, the printing ink of the non-woven bag is relatively thick. And the concealing ability and density are also very high. Therefore, the environmentally-friendly non-woven bag printed with this type of printing is still relatively strong in the three-dimensional function of the text. This type of printing is not particularly picky about inks. No matter what ink can be printed through this screen. Lightfastness is also very good. Non-woven bag occupation This printing method can be said to be the most cost-effective method. The cost is generally within the acceptable range of the public. A more advanced method like thermal transfer has a higher cost. And there are certain requirements for the quantity, generally we do not recommend.