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What should I pay attention to when customizing non-woven bags?

Time:2019/11/12Author:adminClick: 1087
When customers purchase non-woven bags, they must first make clear that the non-woven bags to be purchased are the most important to price or quality, or to find a manufacturer with the most cost-effective non-woven bags.

Then, when inquiring about the disc, the following information should be reported to the manufacturer: the standard of the non-woven packaging bag, the weight of the non-woven fabric, the custom printing method of the non-woven bag and the pattern content. If the manufacturer's above three materials are generally available to manufacturers, the quality standards of each manufacturer are not the same, so it will constitute a larger price. Therefore, when requesting the inquiry, the required requirements must be clearly stated. The first one must be specific to the non-woven bags. In fact, the non-woven materials are divided into many levels. There are new pellets, and there is a certain proportion of recycled materials. The more materials are mixed, the cheaper the data will be. Therefore, when customers tell the manufacturers of non-woven bags, it is best to first understand the local market, there are several levels of non-woven fabrics, and tell us which fabric we need. The second is printing, and printing can be divided into many types. The price of each type of printing has its own characteristics, and it is best to send a pattern to the manufacturer, and let the manufacturer advocate which plan to choose. After determining which printing scheme is good, compare the quotations of each non-woven bag manufacturer. One thing to note here is that some patterns can use two printing methods, but the price is very different, of course, the printed effect is also a distance. Therefore, it must be clear with the manufacturer which printing method.